World Second Tallest Siva Statue in India A Pleasant place For Meditation

                                  The world second tallest siva statue Murudeshwara(In Karnadaka) .Holy spirit a wonderful place for doing meditation ,chanting mantra towards great Lord Siva. Temple is built over on kanduka hill surrounded by three side waters (Arabian Sea.) Raja Gopuram is constructed based on 20-storied Gopura.The god is Sri Mridesa Linga (Murudeswara.) The linga is original Atma Linga which is located around two feet below ground level. Murudeshwara statue can be visible to more distance away from the temple. The world first Tallest shiva statue in Nepal (Kailashnath Mahadev Statue).Its more interesting .Now a days people in busy schedule of restless work can visit this kind of places

Our mind retain more calm .By seeing statue is more strange and awesome beauty of god .Its show that god is sitting in front of us. Temple is surrounded by sea on three side its help us to free fresh air and better calm place to do meditation. This place contains both adventure and holy spirit make our mind free .If you have chance to visit India, don't miss this type of places it makes you feel your real power.

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